Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Kyren and Abbey were partners and it took awhile to convince Abbey not to have a princess pumpkin.

Jacob and Brooke designed theirs entirely on their own

Aurora and Olivia were a good team, Aurora scraped the innards and Olivia scooped them out

Crazy Hair Day

Our Favorite Spirit Day!

Kool-aid Hair Dye

With Halloween around the corner Kyren and her friend tried to dye strips of hair with kool-aid.  Her's didn't turn out so well, she left it in too long and it was very stiff.

They did not get a picture of the final product

Experimental Cooking

Jacob is always begging me to experiment in the kitchen.  I don't always want to let him do this, since he has no idea how to make desserts and what ingredients are involved to make them.  He normally just wants to take everything that tastes good and throw it all together, because that should taste good too, right?

I did steer him down this path a little by saying that powdered sugar and peanut butter combined can make a kind of "dough."  So here is his latest creation, his spider.  In the middle of this peanut butter dough ball is a chocolate covered almond, the m&m's are the eyes, with red vine legs.  To help offset the excess of peanut butter flavor he added chocolate chip studs around the spiders body.  Needless to say, it wasn't too bad.

(This is a dessert plate)

80's Day

So at Kyren's Jr. High they have a themed day every Friday.  While she doesn't always participate, here she is in her 80's outfit.

And, no, I don't normally let her were her shirts like that but figured I would allow it for a costume

My Little Girls

With the kids gone most of the day, and Laine now old enough to play with Abbey, these two have such a great time together during the day.

They love to get their nails done, have indoor picnics, watch movies, play outside, just about anything!

The Restaurant Store

So we decided a while back to switch back to all glass for our plates, cups, bowls, etc.  We have been going to goodwill every 50% off day and collecting the thin Corelle plates that we all remember from our childhoods or grandparents houses.  We have come up with quite the eclectic collection.

While this works well for our dinnerware, we were having a real problem knowing what to do for drinking glasses.  We wanted something sturdy and that we could at least stack 2 high, this really wouldn't work the same way as our plates.  Someone at Jason's work recommended the restaurant store, where you could find anything you would need to open up your own restaurant.

Okay, so this is now one of my new favorite places to shop for kitchen supplies.  Almost anything you could need is in this store.  As we walked down the aisles I kept thinking about all the times we've had to go in search for certain gadgets or what not and here the've been in one place this whole time!  And this was actually my favorite find of them all, this large size spices!  With the amount that my family goes through continually buying those little ones was annoying, I can't even tell you how giddy I was!